Smoke Cone – Sasha feat Donatello & Knox & Kastis Torrau and Arnas D

‘Smoke Cone’ is a sensual piece of shimmering tech house. As expected, Sasha boasts his unmatchable slickness; snappy 4/4 beats and staccato throwbacks bounce through one another with watertight precision. The starry-eyed female vocal line is a treasure. The breathy murmurs dissipate seductively into the percussion and float into infinity. The track is both charged with eroticism and as light as snow; the zesty tuneful sounds of Lithuanian house DJ Kastis Torrau shine through and dim the garish fist-pumps that sometimes overpower house anthems. What makes ‘Smoke Cone’ exceptional is that you needn’t be a house head to take to it. Indeed, this track is made for Ibiza. However, the gentle echoes and docile kick-snares make ‘Smoke Cone’ very approachable, whatever your music taste. What’s more, the epic 6 minutes is broken smoothly into phases. For example, mid-way through the track the instrumental subtly ups the punch and the volume. A twangy rally of bassy beats begins, coloured by domed pings and metallic fizzes. At first glance this sounds simple. However, listen more carefully and we see how Sasha’s A-team has produced an intricate electronic dance music wonder. Just to make sure we’re not bored, ‘Smoke Cone’ ends by morphing again, this time into a futuristic digital age. The vocal hook is rattled by electronic fuzzes and grey glitches. The instrumental rises and recedes like a tide, and the vocals lure us in before seeping away with stunning elusivity. Let us know what you think of this one and check it out now.

Smoke Cone (Original Mix) – Sasha feat Donatello & Knox & Kastis Torrau and Arnas D