Bridge So Far EP – Benoit & Sergio

Moving into 2013, the Hot Creations camp shows no sign of slowing down with one of their biggest releases to date from the mighty production duo Benoit & Sergio. Debut release on the label ‘Bridge So Far’ is an utterly stunning two tracker oozing distinctive style and pop sensibility. A-side and title track ‘Bride So Far’ has Benoit & Sergio written all over it with wonderfully layered synth keys and electro melody. The beautiful vocals soon enter the equation radiating a sense of power and emotion as they flow throughout and capture the heart. On the flip ‘$100 BILL’ gets deeper with a chugging groove and prominent claps progressing into a alluring vocal hook, destined to swarm the mind and seduce the senses as a funk infused melody begins to lock you on the dance floor. Riding a wave of success since their first release in 2009 on boutique label thesongsays, Benoit & Sergio have since had huge releases on the likes of Visionquest, DFA and Spectral Sound. This release sees the delightful duo at their absolute best and is a welcome addition to the Hot Creations catalogue. Let us know what you think of this one and check it out now.

Bridge So Far – Benoit & Sergio

$100 Bill – Benoit & Sergio